Bench Charity Drive Donator List

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Jun 3, 2003
Below is the list of members who have donated to the Bench Charity Drive. This list will be updated each time new arrivals come in. Top donator gets a prize package supplied to us straight from Upper Deck. Others may donate prize packages as well, details to be determined later. A huge thanks to anyone who has donated, every card helps!:) Even if they are doubles we can use them for trades later on to fill holes in the massive 6661 card set.

A link to the cards we still need is located above on the blue site navigation bar.

David K.--2425 cards!

LEONOFNJ--1682 cards

jflan702--741 cards

DrKids--356 cards

d2003ex--344 cards

gp2001red--260 cards

lep1010--184 cards

rolenalong--132 cards

cubsdback17--119 cards

billy--120 cards

Oriolesfan8--112 cards

Doc Dave--102 cards

hdjstuff--101 cards

chief wahoo--99 cards

pmknox--89 cards

dragonslayer913--86 cards

Slavlite--85 cards

Gilberts Sports in Natick, MA--83 cards

sigmax172--81 cards

Moss--78 cards

LittleRedJacks--70 cards

Big A's Cards--58 cards

Vic Dimsho--55 cards
Xpress04--55 cards

jaxbraves--54 cards

gordo11--52 cards

tdoran70--50 cards

chaplain11--43 cards

cardsfan06--38 cards
PitofSteel--38 cards

Jobu--37 cards

Tinman--36 cards

bigwallastyle--35 cards

JJLevitsky--34 cards
Lemole--34 cards

Brodeur182--33 cards
sportscardfreaks--33 cards

Mark Wing--32 cards

erdoro--31 cards

mechjo16--30 cards
STLSHOEMAN--30 cards

RHauch--30 cards
Swingerboy72--29 cards

lofteb--28 cards

Dean Engr--27 cards
Loyalty32--27 cards
Rburke02--27 cards

BigAlbert--25 cards
plt--25 cards
Worldwideed--25 cards

cardzfan68--23 cards
lprimus--23 cards

ArodYanksFan--21 cards
basebal1fan--21 cards

JeffRat--20 cards

brickhaus--19 cards
Matthew Flaten--19 cards
nevermore--19 cards
redzfan11--19 cards
Seawolf17--19 cards

dadofandrew--18 cards
greatdadx2--18 cards
wreckingballsc--18 cards

Braves95--17 cards
Globe News--17 cards
KScards--17 cards
mrnag--17 cards

Blazin_Pyro--16 cards
bmike1983--16 cards
Hoyt55--16 cards
kingsfaninri--16 cards
Scrowe80--16 cards

CurtyCurtCurt--15 cards
Lefty--15 cards
metsman1986--15 cards

GeminiSportscards--14 cards
murph3--14 cards
sackrace--14 cards

854trav--13 cards
dad3309--13 cards
FatboyCards--13 cards
metsfan75--13 cards
mgrizzell--13 cards
SevensGotAGun--13 cards

CharmCityCards/Todd--12 cards
dlackey--12 cards
Gngolfn2--12 cards
Knightfam5--12 cards
pac rat 76--12 cards
robby--12 cards

capo4JC--11 cards
HoosierBuddy--11 cards
jamesngin --11 cards
jimmyharcar--11 cards
newengland1966--11 cards

Brettfan--10 cards
Chavezforprez--10 cards
jpcub --10 cards
mcgwirenut--10 cards
mm1sub--10 cards
XZYXZY--10 cards

Enigma--9 cards
Jeffo65--9 cards
joshu1169--9 cards
TribeBuckeyeFan--9 cards

deltacards--8 cards
gsmayle--8 cards
leepic--8 cards
Matt--8 cards
Panzram--8 cards
rl16--8 cards

baseball9515--7 cards
Cano22--7 cards
lmcgown--7 cards
MrBlackisback--7 cards
otgoal--7 cards
Trading Bases site--7 cards
uglyrad1--7 cards

bjbsue--6 cards
bratcher1 --6 cards
budd2222--6 cards
caribbeankid92 --6 cards
casket--6 cards
knagoda--6 cards
maddogg--6 cards
madweasel--6 cards
nerk01--6 cards
TPMNEC--6 cards

cjay101--5 cards
DaNotoriousNIC--5 cards
Soxfan33--5 cards
tygercub12--5 cards

akamikey2001--4 cards
alma1960--4 cards
boivingp--4 cards
bravesfansunite--4 card
brewerfan34--4 cards
Dan5--4 cards
Jack--4 Cards
JackLondon--4 cards
pittsburghfan35--4 cards
potzie--4 cards
RFP15--4 cards
quota--4 cards

75zito--3 cards
Brads55--3 cards
cadets68--3 card
CharlieBrown--3 cards
criolles--3 cards
entersandman--3 cards
jrchoholic83--3 card
katester44--3 cards
kugelmanco--3 cards
mj23bullsfan--3 cards
mrhaverkamp--3 cards
redsguy--3 cards
robe024--3 cards
rotorob--3 cards
Spiff--3 cards
Stormville--3 cards
tigsfan--3 cards
Yanks21--3 cards

alan1000--2 cards
Tyler Babcock--2 cards
blueted007 --2 cards
ceocards--2 cards
davidsb--2 cards
DunnDeal--2 cards
Glassmcr1981--2 cards
Gnagle10--2 cards
hookman--2 cards
IRobo--2 Cards
Jaybo374--2 cards
jordanrulez--2 card
luke6393--2 cards
mightydon--2 cards
montserratplay--2 cards
MotownG--2 cards
NYY1--2 cards
ozzie_collector--2 cards
Pete Pianelli--2 cards
Stat63--2 cards
Sydssydney--2 cards
TribeFan--2 cards
VistaViper--2 card
YankeeBob63--2 cards

2geez--1 card
anvilJG--1 card
bigpapiortiz34--1 card
cardmonster--1 card
Danny Barbosa--1 card
daktion--1 card
Dilferrules--1 card
ian_kell--1 card
irontree--1 card
Jake65--1 card
JJJ5278--1 card
milomg--1 card
nomar10--1 card
pfinder--1 card
SteelCityRabbit--1 card
Trader Rich--1 card
vman111--1 card
zlw1--1 card
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Do you have a list of the cards that you have received? It would be kind of cool to see follow the progress of this crazy set.

Thanks for the update.

Do you have a list of the cards that you have received? It would be kind of cool to see follow the progress of this crazy set.

Thanks for the update.

Not yet, cards just started arriving this week so it's just a drop in the bucket so to speak at this point. I should have a list up and ready to go within the next week.
4 Coming from me next week as well, also if anyone is not interested in donating the cards, I will glad trade for them to donate myself!
Matt - I have 5 sitting here in front of me for you. My hobby shop has kindly told me they will hold whatever they "pull" or whatever comes in for me to send. I will stop in Monday or Tuesday and see if he has anything else before i send this load for the bucket drop! :)

- Curt
3 on there way today from the Hawaii side of the world!!! First class, bubble wrapped, and heres the DC #03070020000141420877

Mahalo and Aloha, Brad
So only the top donator gets a prize and then maybe others do? I think that might discourage people from donating that may only have one or two to send in b/c they see others w/ such large numbers. Maybe you could do a large raffle and everytime someone sends in a card their name goes in there. I understand it would be rather large but that might encourage some people w/ only a couple of cards to donate them. That way the top donator still has the best chance to win but everyone else has a chance as well. Maybe the top donator gets a small prize but the raffle winner gets the prize package or something along those lines?? Just some thoughts from the outside looking in since I haven't even seen 08 UD anywhere, lol.