Bench doesn't work at home

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Oct 8, 2008
Pierre, SD
I have a problem here. When I go to work I can get The Bench but then when I go home the same program mozilla and internet explorer can not find The Bench/bad url. Does anyone know what is happening? I go to my history page and it still won't let me bring up The Bench. Any help will be appreciated
It may be a bad link, or being rerouted to the old server, some things that have worked for others:

Clear cache
reset modem
call ISP about resetting the modem if you do not know how to do it.
none of the above steps will work, if they do it will be a matter of days until it drops again. call your isp and have them help you with your dns settings, a first line tech will not know dns or dos so ask for an advanced tech. see if your isp offers remote assistance and have the advanced tech look at your dns settings in your auto detect of dns. it will need to be recoded to these settings, here just read the link in this thread and follow it there.

good luck dave