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Hey thats awesome. Not sure who is in charge of that, but I would recommend selling some magnetic one touch holders. Also I hope that shipping is not too crazy. I just looked 5 minutes ago on eBay for magnetic holders, the price on them is not bad, the shipping is out-rageous !!!!
I'm trying to order a couple ball cubes, and I' me getting this message

USPS::submit_request: curl_exec is uncallable
I want to order some stuff but I also get this message.....

USPS::submit_request: curl_exec is uncallable
Pm me with what you want to order with a quantity and I will get you a price dlvd.
I am slowly moving all my cards into binders and 9 page holders. What kind of deal can I get if I order in bulk or would it be cheaper to go through D&A or some other online source. Thought I would help out the bench and its members before heading elsewhere. Thanks Mike
Don't forget to check out The Bench Store for your toploader and penny sleeve needs. :)

I got to "view." when I put a baseball cube in my cart and this pops up. "USPS::submit_request: curl_exec is uncallable" on a white page...

Also would be great if you specified how big the "thick" toploaders are, since they vary in size. thanks
I was trying to order 3 lot of team bags and was getting error message? Could someone PM total plus shipping please.