Best mail day in a LONG time!


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I don't have many nice mail days anymore, but today was one of those ones that really makes this hobby fun and puts a smile on my face. :)

I received..

88 Mickey Mantle HRH cards needed for my set
11 Presidential Pastime Topps 2004 cards needed for my set
30 various set needs short prints (Topps Heritage, Bowman Heritage, etc.)
One of which completed my 2007 Topps Heritage set!
14 Million Dollar Card Giveaway's (Thanks Dennis)

Plus these Santana's I needed.

05 Topps Update Gold 140 /2005
06 Topps Update Gold 328 /2006
06 Upper Deck Gold 898 /299
09 Topps Black 310 /58

07 Premier Patch Gold /20 (Thanks Doug)

07 Topps Sterling Relic Auto /10


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Nice pickups! It's always nice to finish off a set :). I wish I could see your scans, but they aren't loading on my computer right :(.