best website to display cards?

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Apr 19, 2008
Abingdon VA
I know we have kicked this around before...figured it was time to re-visit and see if there is anything new and exciting...or just new lol.

I have all my Bradshaw collection scanned and I'd like to put stuff online where i can see the front and the back of cards and organize them by year.

Photobucket holds everything but you cant see anything in the titles...if they would fix that and make it easier to move things around it would be "ok"...but that's "IF".

I'm thinking of just building my own site to do it but thats a pain...and takes time...which I dont have any

I dont want to sell my stuff...just looking for a nice place to put it is horrible...kinda frustrated at looking around at this point...figured I would see if any of you have a solution.
Strictly for the scans, I use Picasa. I just use sites to hold the pages for my wantlists.

Here's my Meulens Picasa album:

Organization is easy, there's a screen where you can just drag them into the order you want. And if you use the Picasa software to upload, you can add captions to all the cards and THEN upload or add the captions directly on the site.

I don't really like the Sites editor as I don't like being stuck in a template, and it's less than seamless to upload an actual HTML file and link to it.
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does Flickr give you a place to show the title under the card? thats what i hate about photobucket...all you see is "2008 UD..." and the rest is cut off :(
I just switched from my own site.. and started using google sites and picasa.. and i like it so far!! Never was a big fan of photobucket.. too many ads!!

I am currently working on creating a site that anyone can create an account to load photos and create a searchable database for their cards for trade.
similar to my trade page - any input is very helpful as we are in beta testing now.
thanks - Ian