BGS grades just in from 2009 Bowman Draft


5.00 star(s)
I just got the email from Beckett that my cards are ready on my submissions to BGS. I live nearby so I dropped them off at their office and will pick them up soon. Maybe even tomorrow if I get a chance. Anyway,
2009 Bowman Draft:
Tony Sanchez Auto - 9.5 X2
Jiovanni Mier AFLAC Auto - 9.0
Zack Wheeler Auto Ref - 9.0 with 2 10's (have to ask them about the surface grade of 8.5
Zack Wheeler AFLAC Auto - 9.5 :D :) :eek:
2007 Bowman Chrome:
Tommy Hanson Blue Ref - 9.0 Was hoping for more but centering was off just enough. I'm still happy though.

I'd like to enjoy these cards for awhile so, nothings for trade. Just thought I'd share.