Big Batch Of Stuff Incoming

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May 15, 2010
So I know a guy who collected for "awhile" and has "a bunch" of stuff that he's selling me rather soon. I'm not sure the numbers or the specifics, but at the price offered, I don't see passing it up.

There will certainly be baseball and basketball, and who knows what else. I'll be probably picking it up by Friday night. My guess for timeframe of the stuff is 1995-2005 with a bit outside those ranges.

So, I'm going to be rummaging through quite a bit of stuff rather soon.

Why do I mention it? I'm limiting my interests this time around a bit. I used to keep an eye on all the "prospects", but I'm getting a bit old for worrying about what the Phillies second round pick from 20XX is doing in AA.

When I get the stuff in, I'm planning on using about six box organization. One box is stuff for my PC. One will be Cubs. One will be GU/AUTO/Seq/Parallel/Inserts. One will be for HOF/candidates. One will be for splitting up into team boxes (largely of name players or nifty looking sets). Then there will be the Craig's List Box, which will be about like what it sounds.

I'm not planning on burdening anyone (or burning storage space) on 1990 Fleer stuff. I'd rather box it up and try to sell it for a pittance on Craig's List.

If there are any things you want me to set aside (not looking for extended lists, just general stuff to put in 800 count boxes) instead of purging on Craig's List, I'll be happy to do so if I get enough stuff in return to justify postage. (For example, I'll send you all my Astros, including rookies, Oswalts, Berkmans, Bagwells, and Biggios and the rest if you send me some Cubs current minor leaguers, game used, and maybe an Autograph card or two of guys I've heard of. I'm not trying to make a killing, but if I'm going to spend $8 on shipping you base stars/commons of your team, I'd appreciate a little quality in return.)

If you have a recent-ish medium star you'd like 100 cards of, I'll ship you some if I get 'something nice' to justify postage.

Many of you don't want any more of this stuff, and that's fair, reasonable, and understandable. And don't worry, I won't be HOF-begging here. I want to share the wealth, and may spend more in shipping than the cards.

I'm also rummaging through my stars from back when. (Blyleven, Mattingly, Ozzie Smith, etc...) I'm contemplating putting my Joe Carters and Fred McGriffs in a Craig's List Box as well. If there are any retired semi-stars you want by the gaggle-full, lmk.

I doubt I'll be updating my www for awhlie, until I get stuff sorted. But if you want 500 plus cards of who-knows-what for a handful of GU cards nobody really wants and a few Cubs prospects cards, I'll try to load you up a box. The list begins below.



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Where in Illinois are you? I might be able to save you the trouble of Craigs list depending on what you get for baseball commons 1993 and up.
If you are listing them out or actually looking at them I can use 90s inserts from Topps/Bowman Chrome, Pacific, Donruss, Upper Deck, SkyBox, etc..