Big day of TTM and a RC GU pull


5.00 star(s)
Basketball - Sent Coach Mike Brey an e-mail at Notre Dame requesting his autograph and he personalized and autographed an 8x10 photo to me.

Baseball - Received a set hit for my 89 Topps and 90 Upper Deck, Jeff Kunkel. See on 9/30/10 and received them signed today.

Football - Cliff Branch - Sent on 11/16/10 and received an 80' Topps personalized and signed

Football - Jim O'Brien - Sent on 12/3/10, a Pro Set Super Bowl Supermen card and received it back signed. Another set hit.

Football - Larry Seiple - Sent on 12/2/10, another set hit to the Pro Set Super Bowl Supermen set.

My RC Game Used: bought a few packs of 2010 Topps Prime and got a Colt McCoy GU RC jersey.

Pulled other base cards too.

Not a bad day today!