Big Hits 3 #/15 or less--2021 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball Jumbo 10 Autos.

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Oct 8, 2007
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Ramona, CA
Hi Guys

Well, only Grappler was brave enough to buy a spot and he did pretty well. I also did very well in my 9 spots that I was forced to take.

Grappler: LA-JQ1 Jeferson Quero Blue Wave 1990 Leaf Autograph 4/20 IFA Brewers

My Cards:
BA-RH1 Robert Hassell Silver Crystal Base Auto Padres 1st Round #8 2020
BA-AM1 Angel Martinez Pink Wave Base Auto 5/10 Indians IFA
SP-FM1 Frank Mozzicato Blue Crystal State Pride 2/15 Royals 1st Round 7th 2021
BA-MM3 Max Muncy Silver Crystal Base Auto Athletics 1st Round 25th 2021
LA-JB1 Jose Butto Blue Rainbow 1990 Leaf Autograph 15/35 IFA Mets
SP-BH1 Brady House Silver State Pride Nationals 1st Round 11th 2021
BA-DS1 Dylan Smith Silver Base Auto Tigers FA
SP-RC1 Ryan Cusick Green Rainbow State Pride Brave 1st Round 24th 2021

NP-TT1 Tahnaj Thomas Clear Orange Pre-Production Proof 1/1 IFA Pirates.​

Also got my 2021 Leaf Flash BA-JL1 Jack Leiter - Full Redemption Green 11/25!



2021 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball turns the chromium spotlight on top MLB prospects.

Each Hobby box has six autographs. The Jumbo boxes offer 10 signed cards, including nine autographs and a one-of-one slabbed proof autograph.

Featuring a variety of talent, 2021 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball is an all-autograph release. The base Metal Autograph line highlights key names with XRC designations and showcases several parallel tiers.
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