BIG PROPS TO mr.js36

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Feb 3, 2007
San Jacinto, Ca.
Justed wanted to give out huge props to "mr.js36"....Javier had sent me a PM a week or so ago letting me know he had three signed 88 Topps cards I needed for my project. So we did a trade and today I received these:


So not only did he send me these three 88 Topps cards, he also sent me a Orlando Merced signed card and a ticket stub from the Championship game that the "Indios de Mayaguez" won. I know about this championship game because Javier proceeded to hand write a page letter to me telling me about the ticket and the coaches that were there last year. On the back of the letter he then proceeded to write down a lot of the players that played in that league last season.

Thanks again Javier and we will be doing more trades for sure in the near future
Wow that is awesome! From what I read, Dickie Thon lives in PR now, and is a relatively tough autograph to get.
Great job, Javier! Sweet pickups, Robert!
I'm glad you liked the cards.
I still have an extra dickie thon for trading (90 Bowman).
Thanks, Javier
Javier is a great guy and he has also helped me find some tough autographs that I needed for my collection. I'm glad to see he has helped others too.