Big Red Machine Completion

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Dec 30, 2008
Grayson, KY
I have finally completed the Big Red Machine project I was working on. I now have an individual OMLB signed by every living member of the 1975 team. I was down to 4 who have not signed at all or well in the past so I found a deal on them certified and bought them. The deceased members were Bob Howsam(GM), Coach Kluszewski, John Vukovich & Clay Kirby. I have a certified Vukovich on a '75 Topps I purchased and I will look for the other 3, but it is good to be finished with the project. Now I need to figure out how I want to display them and decide what to chase next. I'm thinking of living HOF'ers, but I don't know for sure yet. Hope all have a great day, Pat:D
69 Cubs

I've been collecting 69 Cubs memorabilia for years.

Down to these OMLB:

Jimmie Hall
Manny Jimenez

Randy Bobb (likely impossible)
Dick Selma
Hank Aguirre
Joe Decker
Ted Abernathy
Verlon Walker (coach)
Pete Reiser (coach)
Joe Becker (coach)

Aso looking for 8x10 auto photos in Cubs uniforms of Reiser, Becker, Selma, Aguirre, Decker, Abernathy, Bobb and Charlie Smith (all deceased) along with Jimmie Hall and Ken Holtzman, both living.

If anyone has any leads on these, please let me know.
Thanks all. It is a big undertaking if you choose to start Billy but fun and well worth it in the end. I had thought of just going for memorabilia from the BRM now, and probably will, but not make it a focus. I saw on Signings Hotline where Canseco is doing a couple of signings in the near future, so maybe the stars are aligning for you??? Good luck!
Those would look cool displayed on a slab of Riverfront Stadium turf. Awesome success! Congrats on putting all of that together!