Bigtime Joe Mauer RC Pickup Bazooka Back

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Mar 17, 2009
Picked this up for the PC.... 2002 Topps 206 Mauer bazooka back. If you know this product you'll know these bazooka backs are impossible to find. They were limited to /30 and most didn't even know they had them unless you looked at the back and knew the bazooka was ultra rare at the time. Only seen one of these Mauers ever and it auctioned for $149 in 2007. Kind of an eye of the holder piece, but is certainly ultra rare.


Yes, fortunately topps released a print run on these Bazookas at the time and they are classified as such in Beckett and Tough Stuff. Some of the newer rare stuff not numbered and with no print run released is always a guessing game on just how rare it may be.
That is some sweet card there pardner. And that holder, what a great way to store a great card.
That is one great find. Lucky is not even descriptive enough for that one.
Like we used to sy years ago SLAMMING!!