Black Friday freebies


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Well technically I went and got these last night at 8PM, biggest card shop/memorabilia store was doing a free 8x10 thing again this year to first 200 customers. Couldn't pick what you wanted like last year but this made for it to be much more efficient time wise. I ended up with 2 because as I was going back to my car a collector who knows of my Tigers collection said there was a box of in person Tigers autographs for $2 each and he saw a few harder to get guys in it. So the first time I went to the back counter, when I went back in I went to the front where the sports cards are and picked up the 2 cards and got another 8x10.
Joique Bell

Jeremy Gallon-could see was a Michigan player thru the envelope, was really hoping was Denard Robinson, completely forgot they did a signing with Gallon, oh well, was free.

Not the biggest of names but a very hard guy to get an autograph from now. He's hard to get to do private signings even without any issues from what I have heard, but then again he has his own issues which seem like he has somewhat handled, but I'm not going there. Fick had the last hit, RBI and HR in Tigers Stadium. Already have a 8x10 from that moment, basically picked up 2 to just flip one to make my money back and a few.