Bobby Thomson health issue.....

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Jul 31, 2005
long beach
cut and copied from a auto site. granddaughter of mr thomson.

Hello All,

I am Bobby Thomson's grand-daughter. I have just been reading some of the posts about his response time to your autographs. Knowing from first hand account, and as someone who brings in the mail for him when I visit, he gets so much fan mail from everyone...and he still remains incredibly humble about it. He can't believe people are still so interested in him. Because you take the time to send him something, he takes the time to respond back. He spends half his day sitting at his desk signing and sending fan mail...he responds to everyone's mail. Unfortunately, his health has declined as of late (within the past 2 weeks) and he has been unable to respond to his fan mail. It is my family's hope that he recovers and is able to resume his daily activities; but until then, please be patient and keep him in your thoughts as he tries to recover. He is such a wonderful and unique person; I have never met anyone more gracious, humble, and honest. If you like, I will send an update on his health...hopefully good news!

I have 2 autos i sent TTM and he is a great signer. hope he gets better quick.
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If his daughter happens to be reading this I just want you to know my family and I have added him to our prayers. Bobby has blessed so many of us with his signature over the years. I hope he gets back to good health very soon. God Bless!
In honor of a great TTMer!