(Body)Checking the Mailbox


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HockeyBrawler got a few hockey brawlers in yesterday.

Chris Simon, c/o home, 3/4, 26 days. This was an odd one: He signed 3 of the 4 cards I sent-- my 02-03 Topps Total and two 92-93 Ultra, but not the 93-94 Upper Deck. Odd that he'd sign the double rather than three different. I'm certainly not complaining though, the Topps Total was the biggie for me. Down to 53 left on it (with 10 out in the mail right now and two more to go in a week).

Laurie Boschman, c/o home, 1/1, 26 days. Another Fleer Throwbacks set hit, down to 30 left on it.

Also pulled in a trade, getting Ilya Bryzgalov and Justin Mapletoft for my 2003-04 Choice AHL set. I'll have a little more about this set later this week once an eBay purchase rolls in!

I'm buying a roll of stamps after payday Friday and starting my next project: getting as many of the 1987-88 through 1991-92 MISL (indoor soccer) cards signed as I can. I may dedicate a separate thread-- maybe even a separate blog-- to that quest. 734 cards total across them (several cards with multiple players-- one of which has seven on it, which will be an adventure), about 250 or so different players, most of them are living in the US, but many of these guys are awesome signers if you know who they are and where to find them.


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I didnt even know soccer cards existed, that sounds like an awesome project to follow, will look forward to seeing your great successes!

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