Boise Hawks @ Everett Aquasox 6.27.15


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Special Appearance by Jeff Nelson 6/6 (Mothers and 03 Topps taken, others all available)
Brian L. Hunter 5/5 (all taken)
Alex Jackson 1/3 (50/50 with 89Giants)
Luiz Gohara 3/3 (2 tradeable)
Kevin Padlo 4/4 (3 tradeable)
Andy Gonzalez 1/4 (tradeable)
Max George 1/1 (tradeable
Doug Jones 1/5 (tradeable
I also added 3 2015 draft picks to my special draft pick ROMLB

I probably should have left my hat on for the pic.
Yes my head is really that big :)


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What a great day at the park! My aunt and uncle live in Boise, and really enjoy the Hawks games, glad you got to go and looks like it was a really nice day!

God Bless,

Kevin Mc


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My favorite Giants cards to get signed are the Mothers cookies ones, they always look great. You should of had him sign the back in ballpoint where it has the signature line!