WTT BOOK: "Fumble! The Browns, Modell and the Move: An Insider's Story"

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chief wahoo

5.00 star(s)
I'm looking to trade this hardback book for roughly $15-20 bv of baseball cards. Perfect for any Browns fan that grew up with old Cleveland Stadium and is interested in the back story on the issues surrounding the the move to Baltimore after the 1995 season. The book is in very good condition.

Title: Fumble! The Browns, Modell and the Move: An Insider's Story (331 pages)
Author: Michael G. Poplar with James A. Toman
ISBN: 0936760117 (1997, second printing)

Table of Contents:
1. The Early Years
2. Art Becomes a Landlord
3. Busy Days on the Lakefront
4. Courtroom Conflict I: Art Modell vs. Bob Gries
5. Courtroom Conflict II: Art Modell vs. Gabe Paul
6. Domed Stadiums in the Air
7. The Kardiac Kids and Martyball
8. Some Ups -- More Downs
9. "Super" Hopes in 1988
10. Stadium Plans Stymied
11. The Short Reign of Bud Carson
12. Gateway
13. The Beginning of the Bill Belichick Era
14. Gathering Clouds
15. The Moratorium is Underway
16. Null and Void
17. Empty Places
18. Final Thoughts