Bowman 2014 Lot


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Anyone still trying to complete it? I grabbed an eBay lot due to some Kris Bryant stuff. I have plenty of base and base BP cards, as well. I'll probably give it until the weekend to merge them in with the rest of my collection. I'd mainly be looking for Cubs rainbow stuff, but I don't see flipping my Jeter base.

Here are the cool toys that don't involve Cubs.

Michael Feliz Auto PA-MF (Astros)
Mark Appel Mini BM-HA2 (Astros 19/99
Maikel Franco BP37 (Phillies) Black 58/99
Justin Upton 167 (Braves) International
Manny Machado 110 (Orioles) Silver Ice
Wil Myers 159 (Rays) International
Carlos Beltran 77 (Yankees) Silver Ice
Jacoby Ellsbury (Yankees) Green Refractor 7/150

For trade for similar Cubs from the upcoming classes (from Rizzo on)