Bowman Prospects and Bowman Chrome Prosects

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Jan 14, 2003
Washington State
Hey Guys,
I have a questions about Bowman products. There are cards in both bowman and bowman chrome that are considered prospect cards. I am attempting to build the 2015 Bowman Chrome set. The prospect cards from this set start at 151. Is the cards from the regular bowman 1-150 a part of this set or are they something that stands alone? Any light that can be shed on this would be great. Thanks
I considered all the BCP 1-250 part of the Chrome Set. Even if you don't you wouldn't really want to collect only half the prospects. I didn't buy Bowman, just Bowman Chrome and i myself am trying to complete all of the BCP set (1-250). Good luck.

So the complete set is 1-250 where 1-150 is in the Bowman and 151-250 is in Bowman Chrome packs? Is this correct? Sorry I am so slow on this.