Bowman Sterling Football


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Bowman Sterling Football

6 packs per box - 5 cards per pack PLUS a box topper pack!
2 auto relic, 4 autos, and 6 dual relics per box!

I received these:

15 base cards

Bowman Sterling issue is a dark issue.... background should be blue or gold or even red.... something other than black... The base cards are stiff with a sterling (shiny) finish on the front - and are well designed. Players names and team logos are easily seen. The reverse has '13 stats, career stats and a 'Bowman Reflection'.


Numbered Parallels

Black and Bronze

Black - T. Lewan #ed to 75
Bronze - D. Street #ed to 99

Dual Relics

Each card is very thick and the Richardson patch is the coolest!


Derek Carr #ed to 99
James White
Dri Archer


Andre Williams
Aaron Donald #ed to 75


Rookie Auto Blue Wave Refractor - Jason Verrett

Box Topper

Sammy Watkins - 4 color jumbo patch - sweet!!!

Dual Relic patch

Marqise Lee #ed to 15 - blue

Printing Plate 1/1

Kevin Norwood - cyan plate


Sterling seems to be a premium issue that is geared for the player collector - not so much for the set builder. There are lots of relics, autos, and some pretty cool cards in the box - especially the box topper that I received!

All of the autos I received are sticker autos - the cards are designed for stickers, but I prefer stickers embedded in the card - not just stuck on.

Overall grade B+ too dark for my collecting taste.

Go buy a box or 3 and send the sweet patches to me!



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5.00 star(s)
Thanks for the review duane. Cards look nice and the Watkins patch is sweet. Please LMK if you pulled either of these.

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