Box Break Complete!!! Any interest in group box breaks?


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Hi all!

I have been watching some group box breaks on the internet lately and they seem like a lot of fun. Just curious if anybody on here would be interested in trying a group box break sometime. I think it can be done via youtube live or Facebook live or something like that so everybody in on it can tune in to see the break live.

Some of the ones that I have seen are serial/card number breaks between 10 people where each person will randomly get a number 0-9 (randomized using something like and then each person would get all of those cards in the break whose serial number or card number end in the number that they were randomly assigned.

Another way that I have seen it done is to randomize teams so that people would get all of the cards from the teams that they are randomly assigned (again randomized through something like

If we have enough interest (and get permission) to do this we can decide on a sport/product and then divide up the cost and add about $4.00 for shipping/supplies (shipping cost, top loaders, team bags, bubble mailers, etc.) and possibly give this a try. Seems like a cool way to divide up the cost of a box and hopefully get some cool cards to trade or to add to personal collections.

If there were 10 of us that wanted to do a serial number/card number box break of 2017 Panini Chronicles Baseball which includes 4 Autograph or Game Used cards and 8 serial numbered cards and base cards. The price would be $11.50 per person to join the group break. This would cover the cost of the box (and cost of shipping the box to me), team bags, top loaders, bubble mailers, and shipping cost to mail each person in the break their cards.

Anyhow...I thought that this sounded fun...let me know what you guys think. Interested in hearing other ideas/suggestions!

Interested Members:
grapler135s (Confirmed/Paid)
David K. (Confirmed/Paid)
Dragonslayer913 (Confirmed/Paid)
rotorob (Confirmed/Paid)
cardinals-colle (Confirmed/Paid)
mgm37 (Confirmed/Paid)
reickholt (Confirmed/Paid)
TOP18 (Confirmed/Paid)
Loyalty32 (Confirmed/Paid)
Deputy Doopie (Confirmed/Paid)

Link to video of this group box break:
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Never done one, but this does sound interesting!

I have done a few...they are a lot of fun! I’ll keep you posted if we get enough people who are interested...we are about half way there...would need 5 more people to do a serial number/card number box break.