Break Complete!!! 2020 Topps Chrome Hobby Random Teams Group Box Break


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Wow congrats on being able to find anything first off and also on the cards that you pulled! Really cool! I have had no luck at any of my targets or Walmarts for months now! Crazy! Congrats again!


i know what you mean about not finding anything...when i still lived in columbia just 50 miles away i had convenient access to four walmarts and two targets that i passed on a daily basis either on my to and from work or to fort jackson for my bowling leagues... they ALWAYS had boatloads and i mean not just the current year products but lots of stuff going back 2-3 years that just sat there even when put on december of 2017 for example i hit a 2016 bowman steel 1/1 scherzer , a 2016 heritage clubhouse collection patch auto altuve /25 , and a 16 diamond kings bat/patch/auto /5 joc pederson all from boxes that had been sitting untouched in the clearance box for almost a year...try that now...

the first time i really saw this happening was with the 2017 bowman mega boxes , but now it applies to virtually every product in almost every store...where i'm living now there is exactly one wal-mart and it's definitely not a hotbed of collecting so product often sat here for ages (until i found way to get it one box at a time) wasn't until 2019 products hit the shelves here that people started swooping in and clearing everything out,..until then i was still getting a few random boxes of 2015-2017 topps and topps update or bowman as late as christmas of 2018...even stuff like 2018 topps update , 2018 donruss baseball , most 2016-17 and 2017-18 basketball , and quite a bit of 2016 and 2017 football was still easy to find til late spring/early summer of 2019...sadly that all ended and now the hoarders hit even this out-of-the-way area too so it's been a real challenge to find anything really worthwhile...