Break Complete! 2020 Topps Museum Collection Serial Number Style Group Box Break


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Live link to box break:

Anybody interested in trying a serial number style group box break for the following box:


Configuration: 4 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

Each Box contains:
- 1 Autographed Relic Card
- 1 On Card Autograph Card
- 1 Quad Relic Card
- 1 Relic Card

Product Information:

There will be 10 spots in this break.

Cost will be $30.00 per spot.

Here is how it would work. We will put all 10 spots in the randomizer (using We will roll the dice to see how many times we will click the randomizer and that will determine the order of names and the serial # you will get in the break. So for example if your name is in the 4 spot, you would get all the cards where the first part of the serial number ends in 4. If your name is in the 8 spot then you would get all cards where the first part of the serial # ends in 8.

An example would be if your name falls in the 3rd spot you would get all cards serial #d 3/XX, 13/XX, 23/XX, 33/XX, 43/XX, 53/XX, 63/XX, 73/XX, 83/XX, 93/XX and etc. Notice the last number in the first part of the serial # ends in a 3.

Another example is if your name falls in the 9th spot you would get all cards serial #d 9/XX, 19/XX, 29/XX, 39/XX, 49/XX, 59/XX, 69/XX, 79/XX, 89/XX, 99/XX and etc. Notice that the last # in the first part of all the serial #s ends in a 9. If you get 10 as your spot, then you get all the serial #d cards that end in 0... 10/XX, 20/XX 30/XX and etc.

If a card doesn't have a serial # on the card, then we would go by the actual card #. So if the card # is 46, then it goes to the 6th spot. If the card #s ends in an alphabet letter, then whatever # that letter is in the alphabet, it would go that spot. For example for Card # FFT-JW the card ends in a W, the W is the 23rd letter in the alphabet so it would go to the 3rd spot.

This is scheduled to release on July 29th. We will plan to do the break right around the release date!

Let me know if you want to join or if you have any questions!

1. Journeyman PAID
2. dragonslayer913 PAID
3. David K. PAID
4. criollos PAID
5. criollos PAID
6. metsman1986 PAID
7. Deputydoopie PAID
8. DaSoxFan PAID
9. grapler135s PAID
10. jaxbraves PAID
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David K.

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I'll take one number 3. Best regards, David PS I'll take the spot between my lucky friend dragonslayer913 and my other good friend Luis!