Break Complete! 2021-22 UD Allure Hobby and 2022-23 UD O-***-Chee Hobby Hockey Random Teams Style Group Break

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Dec 26, 2006
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Live link to the group break video:


Here is the live link to the team randomization video:

Got another nice hockey break suggestion so I wanted to see if anybody might be interested in trying a RANDOM TEAMS STYLE group break for ONE HOBBY BOX of 2021-22 UPPER DECK ALLURE and ONE HOBBY BOX of 2022-23 UPPER DECK O-***-CHEE HOCKEY.

Box Configurations:

2021-22 Upper Deck Allure Hobby Box:

Configuration: 8 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

- 2021-22 Allure sports a 150-card Base Set featuring 100 veterans and 50 rookies - the latter falling 1 per pack, on average. With numerous parallels ranging from simply color & pattern variations to color & pattern variations with autographs and/or memorabilia, Allure will appeal to a wide variety of collectors.
- Keep an eye out for rare Blue Line Auto Jersey (#’d to 75 or 25), Purple Diamond Auto Patch (#’d to 10) and Golden Treasures Auto (1-of-1’s) parallel cards! All veteran jersey and patch memorabilia is game-worn!
- Allure is stocked with exciting insert sets, including a few new ones. Here is a rundown:
- New! Rainbow - Red-Orange: The checklist for this unique and colorful insert features a hefty number of rookies alongside some of the top veteran superstars and some young non-rookie superstars-in-the-making. You can construct a rainbow with each player in the set by lining up the Rainbow - Red-Orange card with the Orange-Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green-Blue and Blue-Purple parallel cards. Also collect Double Rainbow, Full Rainbow Auto and 1-of-1 Golden Treasures (auto and non-auto) parallels!
- Get your rainbows started with two Red-Orange cards per box, on average!
- Iced Out: Back by popular demand - and with a new design and two new parallels! The checklist features a mix of active stars and top rookies. Lucky collectors will find rare Green Rainbow (#’d to 99), Golden Treasures (#’d 1-of-1) and Auto parallels.
- New! Control Room: Features a checklist of rookies/young prospects and rare Auto and Golden Treasures (#’d 1-of-1) parallels.
- New! Hustle, Hit and Never Quit: This insert honors notable enforcers and/or grinders. Be on the lookout for rare Golden Treasures (#’d 1-of-1) and Auto parallels.
- New! Breadbaskets: This set pays homage to many of the league’s top goalies. Collect Green Rainbow (#’d to 99), Golden Treasures (#’d 1-of-1) and Auto (super rare!) parallels.
- Allure Quartz: The crown jewel of the insert sets! This popular die-cut insert features an impressive checklist consisting of the top stars and rookies in the game today, as well as Blue (#’d to 10), Golden Treasures (#’d 1-of-1) and Auto parallels.

BOX BREAK (On Average):
- 1 Autograph Card
- 1 Rainbow - Orange-Yellow, Yellow-Green or Double Rainbow Parallel Card
- 2 Rainbow - Red-Orange Parallel Cards
- 3 Base Set - Black Rainbow Parallel Cards (includes Rookies)
- 8 Base Set Rookie Cards
- 1 #’d (99 and above) Base Set and/or Insert Parallel Card
- 5 Allure Quartz (incl. Rookies), Breadbaskets, Control Room, Hustle, Hit and Never Quit and/or Iced Out Cards
- 3 Base Set - Red Rainbow and/or Orange Slice Die-Cut Parallel Cards (includes Rookies)

2022-23 Upper Deck O-***-Chee Hobby Box:

Configuration: 18 packs per box. 10 cards per pack.

- O-***-Chee perennially features the most comprehensive single-season base set in hockey and the 2022-23 edition is no exception. This year’s base set is 600 cards deep and includes a 100-card high-series subset featuring All-Stars and Marquee Rookies.
- This year’s edition also offers an all-new slate of Hobby-exclusive Rainbow Foil parallels (Regular, Black, Green & Gold) of just the All-Stars/Marquee Rookies subset and a new, low-#’d Neon Pink Bordered parallel of the complete base set.
- Additionally, there is the always-popular Retro Variation of the complete 600-card base set! Collect one per pack, on average. Also keep an eye out for the Hobby-exclusive & serially-#’d Black Bordered parallel of the retro set.

Box Break:
- 18 Base Set Retro Variation Cards
- 6 Base Set - Blue Border Parallel Cards
- At Least 4 O-***-Chee Premier Cards
- 4 O-***-Chee Playing Cards
- 3 #’d Base Set and/or Base Set Retro Variation Parallel Cards
- 1 Base Set - Red Border Parallel Card
- At Least 1 Rare Chase Card

Product Info:

Here is how this break will work. There are 16 spots and the price is $18 per spot. Each spot gets you TWO RANDOM TEAMS and all of the cards of the players from those teams. Once the break is full I will randomize the list of members and teams to see who gets what teams. You will also have a chance to trade teams before we do this break.

After you sign up I will add this to the Trade Manager along with my PayPal address.

Please let me know if anybody has any questions.

1. AndyDrummond PAID Seattle Kraken, Vegas Golden Knights
2. kpit1978 New York Islanders, Florida Panthers
3. northicehero99 PAID Arizona Coyotes, Anaheim Ducks
4. PAVI39 Minnesota Wild, San Jose Sharks
5. Obert22 PAID Vancouver Canucks, New Jersey Devils
6. Waltdii PAID Philadelphia Flyers, Colorado Avalanche
7. Creature of Slime Los Angeles Kings, Boston Bruins
8. grapler135s PAID Dallas Stars, Winnipeg Jets
9. northicehero99 PAID Carolina Hurricanes, Calgary Flames
10. dad3309@ PAID Nashville Predators, St. Louis Blues
11. dragonslayer913 Edmonton Oilers, Buffalo Sabres
12. Jeff_FNG PAID Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins
13. Waltdii PAID Toronto Maple Leafs, Chicago Blackhawks
14. kpit1978 Ottawa Senators, Columbus Blue Jackets
15. AndyDrummond PAID New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning
16. PAVI39 Washington Capitals, Montreal Canadiens
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