Breaking Sunday at 1100 PDT! 4 Stadium Club Chrome BB Value Boxes HOT!

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$23 Angels
$21 Dodgers
I can let you have them at that price if you want....but we hit the target at 0615 this morning. So everything after prosefan1 bid, did not count.
Invoices going out later are at
Los Angeles AngelsRyanS
Los Angeles DodgersRyanS
Seattle MarinersRyanS
Thanks For Bidding, Bob
Anyone want to lmk what they'd like to try next?
I can do one or two box breaks of:
2021 Prizm Draft Picks 5 Autos/Box
2022 Chronicles 3 Autos + 1 relic/Box
2022 Optic 2 Autos/Box
Or 1 Box Break of
2020 Stadium Club 2 autos
2022 Prizm Draft Picks 5 Autos/box
2021 Mosaic 3 Auto + 1 Mega 1 Auto
2020 Allen & Ginter 3 Hits
and 2021 Topps Gallery Mega 2 Autos
LMK if interested and what type of break:
30 team pick
15 teams pick then either random 15 or snake pick
10 Picks by last number of each card after randomzing
6 Random divisions

I also have a hobby box of
2017 Optic which sales for about $300 then adding shipping Judge RCs

2012 Prizm Retail box of 24 packs about $250 then adding shipping with Trout cards.

and finally
2014 Stadium Club Hobby box for about $300 plus shipping 3 autos and Betts RCs