Brewers Trade List

don money

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The Brewers are testing the waters on:

Kevin Sharp SP (Yes, that guy!). VORP always between 54-72 while in Milwaukee. His WAR is consistently between 6.5-8.2. Big game pitcher as well, battle tested down the stretch and in the postseason. Third best pitcher in the BSL (meaning a #1 starter on every team except KC and Pitts) as per current rankings. Only 29 years old! Won't come cheap (both in salary and return in trade value).

Joe Davis SP. This guy had over a VORP of 51 last year! He can start or relieve. He has won 123 games for the Brewers through the years. I wouldn't consider dealing him, but I have to start to get younger in order to sustain the franchise into the future. Probably a #2 or #3 or closer on most teams. He can do it all.

Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks!