BSL 2025 Early Rookie Draft Thread


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Please PM the next owner once you have made your pick.

1.BOS - Eric Grant - SP
2.LAD - Bobby Burbidge - MR
3.TEX - Marcos Torres - RF
4.ARZ - Clint Stanley - LF
5.NYY - Johnny Phillips - SS
6.ATL - (2nd team CPU) - Carlos Caraballo - SS
7.SEA - (2nd team CPU) - Alonso Ramirez - MR
8.WSH - (2nd team CPU) - Jason Poe - LF
9.PHI - Larry Dalton - 3B
10.STL - Werner Allen - CL
11.PIT - Kevin Huffman - MR
12.CHN - (2nd team CPU) - Ken Little - MR
13.CHW - (2nd team CPU) - Rhett Smith - SS
14.CLE - Gabriel Cortez - CF
15.DET - Tommy Parkinson - RF
16.TB - (2nd team CPU) - Jonathan Holden - MR
17.NYM - Dean Talbot - 3B
18.SF - Pedro Adame - 3B
19.TOR - Dylan O'Slattery - 2B
20.CIN - Lonnie Smith - CF
21.COL - Mack Odonnell - RF
22.SD - (2nd team CPU) - RF Josh Wilson
23.MIA - RF Jose Luna
24.MIN - (2nd team CPU) - 2B Lorenzo Perez
25.BAL - C Martin Rosado
26.OAK -
27.MIL -
28.KC -
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Lol you would think the #1 pick would be the fastest off the board. Wonder if they have paid attention to the thread Cory posted.


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Why am I now being sent a PM when this thread was posted at 4:19pm yesterday You would think the creator of the thread (Waves at Cory lol) would have sent me a PM (Cory forgot to lol) anywho in the process of downloading new lg file once that has concluded I will up date this post with my selection.

Boston Selects with the #1 overall pick in the 2025 BSL DRAFT

From Irwin High School SP Eric Grant
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Arizona selects Clint Stanley LF.

PM going to Yankees.


PS - I updated the first post Cory. I hope that is okay?
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Looks like Meliah has not been on the site in over a week. Not sure if it anyone has his cell number to text him? I thought last time in the draft he was thinking the CPU would draft for him, but not sure if he mentioned that this time or is planning to make his pick. Sounds like he's been pretty busy lately but hopefully we won't be stuck here for too long in the draft. We made some pretty good progress in the last day or two.