BSL Update: 2021#21 - World Series Set


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File is uploading now. Website will follow the WS sim, not this time.

Export deadline is tomorrow (Sunday) at noon ASSUMING I have exports from both WS teams. If not, I will delay the deadline until Monday at noon.

If you have no major changes to make, feel free not to export for the world series sim. Keep in mind is a very limited window to resign any pending free agents you may have.

I did a FA Pool cleanup like I did a few seasons ago. Anyone was retired who met ALL these requirements:

1. 24 Years of Age or Older
2. No CON/POW/EYE or STU/MOV/CON Potentials over 10.
3. No CON/POW/EYE or STU/MOV/CON Actuals over 50.

I removed about 100 players, of which I would guess 90 never made a roster outside of an initial draft pick that was cut that year. Only two or three names that were of note, and they were all washed up at this point (I think Tommy Hanson was the biggest name).



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Congrats to the Tigers and Marlins. Good luck. I just noticed that Steve Joyce had his 4th year in a row of 65 or more home runs this year. They gotta be testing him right? LOL


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Congrats Matt.. It was a good series!!!

Good luck Tigers and Marlins!!!
Very good series, Torres was a beast as usual--one game he drove in all 5 runs with 2 homers in a Blue Jays 5-1 win.

Congrats wow Matt in the WS lol
Don't have to sound so shocked:)

Should be a good series against the Marlins, I see they have a very highly NL ranked all around offense. Hope they export on time because waiting an extra day to see the results might just drive me crazy.....or crazier if some prefer:p


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No need to fret the Marlins have exported and are looking fwd to making the third time back in the WS the charm!! Good luck Matt, we've got to face a lot of LHP and our previously top ranked prospect May!!