BSL Update: 2021#24 - Rule 5 draft


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File is uploading.

Anyone wanting the Venezeulan 21 year old freaky SP....well, that escalated quickly! Get those wallets out. Is it a Yu Darvish or a Dasuike Matsuzaka? Time will tell.

Rule 5 draft will take place via PM only. The pool is final, send me PM with your list for team if you want to choose anyone before the export deadline.

The next sim will be extended through to the end of winter meetings (mid december, it may line up with regular sim).

I did not enter trades, because I forgot to do so. Whoops.

EXPORT DEADLINE IS SATURDAY AT NOON, forgot to post yesterday

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Marlins/ Twins exported
... my owner wouldn't let me drop all that cash for all those years even if I wanted to :/