BSL Update: 2022#13 - All Star Game


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File is uploading now.

Export deadline is Monday at noon central time.

Trade Deadline is MONDAY AT NOON CENTRAL TIME as well.

Heath (STL) will be allowed (2) trades this sim only, so we KNOW he is going to be using them.

On a personal note, I am shooting for the all-time MLB record in wins (117+) I am on pace for more than that. I had 8 all stars, 4 of the 6 SPs. My stud closer didn't make it (look at his stats). Too bad this eventually is going to cost me more money then I have!



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The All Star snubbing for Nacho Diaz continues. 21 saves, 1.89 ERA and he still doesn't get named to the team. Unreal.


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Cards ready for sim excited to see the debut of SP Matt Anderson in a Cards uniform. Hoping to take over1st place in Central but I tough schedule this sim including a brother vs brother matchup 3 game series to end the sim at Home. Bring it on Rob Clark bring it on!!!