BSL Update 2022 #7


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File is uploading!!!

Website will be up eventually!!!

Apologies to Mike on somehow not sending the O's OF Behrens in Braun trade. Cory said will have to be fixed next sim or will mess up the upload I'll send a couple mil since I messed up

Cory has forced me to run this sim!!!

Export deadline is Wednesday at noon!!!!

Players clearing waivers who declined assignment, where released if no options were avaialble. Also if you have a player in DFA we should know by now to have a roster spot available or they get released I hate to do that to anyone.

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It was more of a guidance sim, but he did alright I suppose.

The export deadline will be flexible with the holiday. I will check exports that afternoon, if there are a bunch missing, I will push it out beyond xmas day. No big deal.

Also, draft pool is viewable now. Start making your lists as the draft will largely be offline this year.

Early draft thread will be posted as well.


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all right, everyone is off work soon , lets pick a bunch of these guys and not stretch it out for weeks . Really only half the number of owners now and almost all are very active. Besides, the Rockies have 2 first round picks this season as opposed to none last season.

nice, Heath had to enter all of his own trades. that is justice. LOL


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Somehow the Phillies stayed over .500 and moved into 2nd place in the NL East. Don't think that will last but I gotta have hope. Exported and working on my draft list. Since I pick 4th, should get someone very decent. I can use help almost everywhere.


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Marlins and Twins exported... really hoping the CPU picks one of the several solid SPs for the Twins in the draft!


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Reds and White Sox exported. Ready for an active draft with Cincy having 5 picks in the first two rounds. Time to stock up the minors a little!



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Red Sox in 1st Place in the A.L. East wait ! what ? Swept the Arizona and Minnesota at home won 4 of 6 against the Chisox and Cleveland-But finished the sim losing 3 of 4 against Toronto