BSL Update: 2023#22 - Arbitration Complete


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File is uploading.

There is THREE days until the Free Agents file, so if you have any last minute offers, you had better get them made this export and hope for the best.

the RULE FIVE draft will be following next sim, so you MUST set all your Rule 5 protections THIS export. If they have a # sign by their name in the minors, they are eligible and need added to the 40 man roster. The Rule 5 list will be final following next sim, so this export is only chance to protect.

I also will have the Type A list posted in the next update thread. A reminder; this will NOT show up in the game, they will be manually tracked and tagged. There probably will not be too many, but the list is not final.

Trading is open, HOWEVER, there is a new rule for posting trades. The trade post MUST include the Trade Number for each team that season. (Example)

Royals Trade #2 player x, y,z for Cardinals Trade #99 million player r,s,t

It is the posting team's job to include trade numbers. If they are not clearly defined, the trade will be delayed processing.

Export Deadline is Sunday at noon central. However, my youngest has a birthday party that day, so it will be ran that evening.


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Cards Exported. Got my rule 5 guys protected. Have 20% of my trades for the season posted lol. To be fair they have been in the works for awhile now. Have one for next sim as well but that's mainly for a salary dump. Anyways excited for the upcoming season even though it's gonnna be around a 45 to 50 mil pay roll