BSL Update 2024#20 - World Series Complete - Offseason time.


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File is up, website is pending.

Export deadline is Tuesday at noon central.

1. Everyone needs to check in-game messages and look for any options to respond to. Contact me if you don't know how.
2. Everyone needs to look at their pending arbitration cases and adjust/agree/withdraw (non-tender) the offers.
3. Everyone has this next sim as a final shot to make contract offers to pending free agents.

Financials have been ran, everyone has new budgets for next year. Atlanta's owner sold the team as well.



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Arizona exported.

Cutting away a lot of the fat from my contracts this year (Yeah - team options which I am declining). Owner is getting cheaper and cheaper with what I can spend every year. Third year in a row he lowered the amount I can spend. Time to bring up the youngsters and see what they can do. Can't do much worse than what I had before.

Congrats to the Brewers on winning the world series. I was the owner of that team originally so in a way I am a champion (HAHAHA).


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Cory, when will this sim be run to? I am curious as if we will have a chance to make some trades, have our free agents leave, and such before the Rule 5.


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Reds and White Sox exported. Reds will be quiet this off season with most of our 25-man roster under contract. Might mix things up a little and try and trade a couple guys if something happens to work out.

Orioles exported, too - and he was bummed about being swept. However, he's really happy with the talented young players on his team. I just need to get him a little more active in checking in on the boards here. I think he will check in more now that the off season is here and he has some needs to fill. He's talking about trading an SP to try and get some depth at MR, or maybe a power hitting DH.

He's going to have a fun time when all those young players start hitting arbitration, but he had a huge budget increase so that should help to get them signed eventually.