BSL Update 2024#22 - Rule 5 time


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Export file is uploading.

The Rule 5 draft will be PM'd lists only, due before next export deadline. I WILL run a full sim afterwards, so feel free to make offers and export.

The following owners have been assigned second teams to 'refill' the league owners.

Tigers - shortstopsport
Cubs - RHauch
Mariners - don money

I am continually reviewing ownership/activity, so if you don't have a second team and want one, your time could come at any point.

Please contact me if you don't know how to open and/or run/export the second team.

Export deadline is Monday at noon central time.


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Nats exported. I honestly don't think I would do a second team any justice. I barely have enough in the one I have. No Rule 5 players being selected.


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No rule 5... Miami/ Minnesota exported....
Serrano, after a great season, got dinged 10 games for PEDs. Just noticed his popularity went from Extremely Popular to Disliked. He's still happy, but I wonder how this will affect the team chemistry or maybe attendance going forward... we'll be keeping a close eye.