BSL Update 2024#9 - Rookie draft in the books...


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Sorry for the processing delay. I am on weekends off, took the kids out to a natural history museum today and didn't get around to this last night.

File is uploading. The rookie draft is complete, MAKE SURE TO SET YOUR ROSTERS TO 25/25/35 this sim.

Not getting into the previous update thread, it is just now known that anyone waiving a player and pulling said player back for ANY reason (injury, roster space, etc), will have the player administratively released. He either is claimed, or he clears. Waiving a player is a big deal, you are putting that contract out for the taking. It is simple that way for all to know and follow.

Next export deadline is Monday at noon central time.



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Phillies excited to have the #1 and #2 prospects. Now If I can just hang onto them and not be tempted to trade them in a couple of years. Moved up 1 spot in the NL East, almost like making the playoffs. NOT!! Exported.


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Cleveland exported. Good sim for us 10-4, not sure i have ever had a winning record this far into the season so super excited about that.



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After closer look at the box scores, I see that my bullpen surrendered winning runs in not one, not two, not three, but four games in the 9th OR extra-innings. AAAAGGGGHHHH!!! If they hold the lead and save those repsective games, I'm at 7-6 for the SIM. Much more tolerant....again, AAAGGGHHH!!!