BSL Update 2025#1 - New Year


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File is uploading.

Please review your financials, a lot of teams are running some really high payrolls already, and a lot have a LOT of room to spend (at least there are some decent options out there to spend money on still)

Next sim will be through to preseason (first week feb) so DON'T WAIVE ANY PLAYERS THIS SIM as I will have to re-waive them mid sim if you do.

Export deadline is Saturday at noon central. Keep up the good job exporting. That was the first sim with 100% exports in over 4 months.



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Exported. I love that my owner dropped my budget by $10 mil from last year. Thanks guy, that really helped us not suck this year.


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thought there was a 2 yr wait until draft picks could be traded... did that switch back to 1 yr?

Cory changed it a season or 2 ago to the year after there drafted that year includes the year there drafted so really if there drafted in June when trading opens up in off season they are on the table.