Building the 2013 Topps Sapphire Parallel (#/ 25) Set: 770 Down, 220 to Go! Help!


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With only three cards needed to complete my 2011 Topps Baseball Hope Diamond (# to 60) parallel set (STILL NEED #280 Andrew Bailey, #497 Alex Avila & #US207 Frank Robinson), I decided a few months ago to begin a new (and, according to my wife, even more idiotic) quest: building the 2013 Topps Baseball Sapphire (# to 25) parallel set.

So far, I have acquired 770 cards from the 990-card Sapphire set. THANK YOU to those on this forum who have helped with this process.

So, I have 220 cards remaining to complete the 2013 Topps Sapphire Set. If you have any Sapphires available for sale or trade, please let me know the player name(s) and card number(s), and if I need them we can hopefully work something out. Also, I have more than 100 extras, so let me know if you're looking for a particular player or trying to complete the set as well.

Thanks for any help you can provide as I continue to build this set.

All the best for 2015. Blessings to you and yours.

tom szczygiel

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Hi, I sent you some of those earlier, can you email me your want list for those parallels /25.
I can take it with me when I go to a show ? Send the want list to Tom
That is a unique parallel set