Bulk shipping cost help

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Jan 15, 2008
Orion Arm
I am just looking for some advise about what is the cheapest way to ship bulk cards.I've been looking at some people needs list but I'm hesitate to make a trade because of the shipping cost.
I also wanted to ask opinions if you think its fair to ask for added value to compensate for the shipping?

Thanks for your input,
I ask for extra on postage most of the time especially bulk deals. Just shipped 800+ cards & they paid the postage. Also shipped 880+ lot & we split the postage. The cheapest way to ship is called "book rate" I think. It's slow though.
They won't let you ship cards Book Rate, that is for Media (disks, VHS, DVDs) or bound printed matter like books and magazines. You can ship at least 1800 cards in the flat rate Priority Mail boxes for about $10, but up to around 7 ounces I'd team bag the cards (about 3 at most) and place between cardboard or thin plastic in a bubble envelope, after that you might as well go with a box. I think it's entirely fair to ask for additional compensation if you are going to be hit up with higher costs, whether the other collector will do it is entirely up to them, but I think you are justified for what it's worth.