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Jul 15, 2007
Vancouver, WA
I have way too many supplies hanging around and want to sell off the stuff I don't want or need.

First up, I have a Medium Flat Rate box full of regular toploaders (mixed brand) in used condition. These are fine for shipping sales or trades and some are even new/like new. Should be north of 400 toploaders. Asking $35 Delivered.

Next - Medium Flat Rate of misc. toploaders various thickness and size (even some mini ones). Includes regulars (some have a sticker across the top from an old organization system I used. - Asking $35 Delivered.

Stack of 9 Pocket-Pages looks like Ultra Pro - mostly used but in great shape. Over 100 total in the stack - $10 plus shipping. (Might have enough for two stacks)

Sports Card Collector's Album - Baseball (Blue) and Football (Black) - these are the padded d-ring kind. Asking $5 each and shipping - buy both for $8.

I have a table full of new stuff as well - see if there is anything you can use! I haven't priced it out yet but I'd probably be about 25-30% off retail on those plus shipping to your location.
I'll take both of the used top loader boxes. What's the price on a pack each of the 3x5 top loaders, tall top loaders, graded card bags and tall card sleeves? I literally last week just bought one of those large CS1 boxes! Crap!