Bunch of PC and For Trade Pickups


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Hey Everyone.

Haven't been on much lately, but wanted to share the PC and other nice pickups from the past couple of weeks.

We'll start with the PC.

Star Ruby Extreme /50

Boss Hoggs /25!! Never seen one listed before.

Team Tandems Gold /50

Double Feature /50

Pujols/Thome/Bagwell Triple Patch Silver Unnumbered Factory Replacement

03 Ultimate Collection Gold Dual Patch 5/35 (Jersey #) Already had one, but couldn't pass up the jersey # with the awesome logo patch

Dual Patch Auto 2/10. Didn't think I would win this one with my bid, but was pleasently suprised.

Mini Grey Back 10/25

Michael Bourn stuff

Pickups for trade:

Bagwell Auto /25

UD Bonus auto

Parallel /50

Al Kaline bat auto 2/10

Ryan/Bagwell dual GU /100

Thanks for looking