bunch of Red Wings autographs


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Bought these off a buddy of mine I graph with from time to time. Some of it is just from this years training camp other stuff was got the years before or at games. Still mad I couldn't make the trip to Traverse City and go to the Wings training camp this year at all because of my new job.
Chris Osgood

Henrik Zetterberg

Mattias Ritola

Jonathan Ericsson

Bill Gadsby-HOFer

Norm Ullman-HOFer

Tomas Holmstrom

Ericsson is gonna be going to my dad for his birthday and I also had planned on giving him Holmstrom but I'm glad I went and checked what pucks I got him last year. Needless to say the Holmstrom 8x10 is FT/FS only going to trade it for a HOF or future HOFer signed puck though. I also ordered 5 HOFer signed pucks yesterday so hopefully I'll have another post this week since I don't get much TTM to report lately.