Cal Ripken Minor League Sketch Card

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Tim Carroll

5.00 star(s)
May 25, 2003
Conway, SC
Just thought I'd share one of my newest art projects: Chris Dishman, owner of, has commissioned me to create (2) different mini-art pieces to be given away on his site. Instead of the normal sketch card, I decided to incorporate my own style and add the "mosaic effect" by stippling (dots). This year commemmorates the 30th anniversary of Cal Ripken Jr.'s 1980 Minor League stadium card give-away. It's free to register for a chance to win the sketch cards. The first card will be given away at the end of May. To see the sketch and to register for a chance to win the card, go to:

A little about Chris Dishman's site: Cal Ripken had only 4 minor league cards. This site is dedicated to tracking these cards, the stories behind the sets, the insane prices they fetch at auction, and the counterfiets on the market. After seeing the site, I think you will agree that Chris Dishman is the foremost authority on Cal Ripken's minor league cards. He has appeared in Tuff Stuff, Beckett, and Soprts Collector's Digest for his work, and Cal Ripken has PERSONALLY given him an interview for his site. Even if you do not register for the give-away, I highly suggest you take the time to check out the site - there is some very cool information there.