CAL, TEXEIRA and Others no foolin'


5.00 star(s)
Haven't been posting my successes lately but couldn't resist this week because all the fun I could have teasing you with the title.

CALvin Murray 2/2 both 01 topps both FT

Steve Balboni 1/1 90 Leaf for my set
no pic, sorry.

Greg Vaughn via trade 90 Leaf again for my set
no pic, sorry.

OK, either you knew the Mariners had a guy named Texeira or you thought I got the Yankee and just misspelled his name. Either way here he is
Kanekoa Texeira 1/1 c/o Team

Ron Wright 1/1 c/o ?
No idea when I sent because for a while in 08-09 I did not track, but I'm sure I would have sent a custom as it would be for my Mariners set. I may use it as a Mariners success anyway seein's how is success rate on SCN is 0%.

Norm Evans 2/1 c/o home
Pacific Largent NFT, PAO religious tract is FT