Call Your Shot Questions


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I have two questions about Topps' "Call Your Shot" promotion.

I have two cards. One is a 50 cent coupon. One is a scratch-off lottery style idea. I have a question about both.

Do LCS and WalMart accept them on "small packs"? Knocking 50 cents off of a $2 pack almost makes them a viable option. I said almost. Has anyone had any success or difficulty getting these redeemed.

For the lottery-style one, Topps will charge postage for delivery. Kind of a bummer, but I get it. However, will they charge a $5 fee (or whatever) on getting several cards sent at once? Or is shipping $20 on four different cards at once?

These promos seem a bit ludicrous most years anytway. The coupon thing seems as reasonable as anything.

Thanks in advance for any responses.