Can 50/50 SJ Giants

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Jun 30, 2009
Can 50/50 the San Jose Giants, High A minor league team for the Giants. Will do most players, I know a few of the players have some cards. Brian Harper, the manager and former player, would be a maybe just because I have so many cards of his and I'm not sure of his signing habits.
So let me know who you would want, go to about a dozen games a year, and they sign a lot.
Here's a link to the roster:
I would possibly do a 1 for 1 ball/pic trade for Fransico Peguero-i graph the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers just let me know
i just had 6 cards of him and was looking for someone who would get three signed for me and keep 3. trying to clear out some commons and diversify my autograph collection to something other than astros and rangers :) If you would be willing to do the 50/50 let me know