Can someone explain this

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Oct 8, 2007
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Ramona, CA
I am in the middle of getting a list together for my Twinkie Collector and one of the cards I got for her is a
2008 Topps Heritage Chrome Refractors Black #C113 Delmon Young books for $40 which isn't too bad #/59...however...the
2007 Topps Heritage Chrome Black Refractors #THC61 Delmon Young #/58 books at $80!! numbered to one less then the 2008...however...the
2005 Topps Heritage Chrome Black Refractors #THC102 Delmon Young #/56 which I believe is his rc only books at $40?
Doesn't make much sense to me...Thoughts?
Does mean the Beckett editors have a bunch of the 2007 black refractors?
It probably just has to do with the design of the card.. 2007 was probably more popular.. And 05 wasn't his rookie
Someone on another site said it was because it has the Rookie label. Bob

It seems to me Beckett bases alot of pricing based on pack odds/entire print run.

Example - 2008 heritage chrome series 1 (1 - 100) were all found in Heritage boxes. But the series 2 (101-200 of which delmon young is a part) were found in the 2008 topps chrome boxes. the pack odds for series 2 were much better then the pack odds for series 1, and guess what ? in general all of series 1 heritage chrome black refs are worth a good bit more then the series 2, despite the fact that they are all #'d 59.

Similiarly, 2008 topps chrome blue Insert refractors (like tchc arc ) are all numbered to 200 but are worth MORE then the same copper refractor #'d to 100 ...really weird right ?
BUT the blue inserts refs /200 are ONLY in retail so they are supposedly harder to find because the pack odds for blue ref/200 out of the HOBBY box are astronomical. i bought a case and a half of 08 chrome hobby, i pulled 2 blue refs out of it , both au ...
(ie the inserts and base parallels were ONLY in the retail boxes)

Another example, Someone mentioned they had a
topps 2007 jeter gold border #/d 2007 - its worth 30
i have a topps update jeter gold border #d / 2008 bv ??? 10
one serial # more rinted and suddenly its worth 1/3 ???
no ....
its all about the pack odds ..

Im not sure this makes sense. even to me LOL !
but thats what ive "gleaned"

sometimes, i think they just pull a number out of a hat and then stick with it ;0

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probably just the odds and I am sure they look at past purchases and maybe only a few have been sold. Seems interesting though