Can't find set on Beckett

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Oct 8, 2007
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Ramona, CA
I found a reprint set of Play Ball cards in my stuff I am trying to organize...thought at first that it was from the UD Play Ball reprint set, but some of the players don't appear in that set..
Card 1 is Eddie Miller, but it also says reprint 59
Other players are Pinky May #9 reprint 35 and Debs Garm #11 reprint 52
any idea?
Do the sides have perforation marks? I know there were some cards put out in the late 70's in a book format which you detached yourself. I remember buying a couple books for my young son at the time.
Hi no perferations
I have a 2009 Topps Legends of the Game LG20 M. Mantle
lmk bob
Bob, I do have a 2008 Stadium Club Black & White Beam Team auto of Adrian Gonzalez (#/99) if you need it. Would you trade your '04 ATFF Randy Jones auto and the LG20 Mantle for it?
Thanks, Dale
Bob - I have this same set, it's a 'collector issue' from 1977, I believe. A company or individual based in Michigan (I can't recall their name) got in trouble for reprinting some 1933-34 Goudey cards without the 'reprint' designation on the back, and followed it up a year or so later with this 1941 Playball set, and they did mark them as reprints. I think it was an 84 card complete set, issued in 2 series of 42. -- Jim