Caravan Fun


5.00 star(s)
Took my daughter out to the Rangers Caravan at the Frisco Roughriders Ball Park, missed Kinsler by like 20 people, kinda sad.

Team Bat Additions
Steve Buechele
David Murphy
Martin Perez
Doug Mathis

Rangers Caravan Autographed Photos
Justin Smoak
Doug Mathis
Martin Perez
Tommy Hunter
Steve Buechele

Other items
Tommy Hunter 8x10
Justin Smoak USA Upper Deck Card

Gift from a friend who went to one of the astros caravans
Autographed Caravan Photos

Wesley Wright x3
Pedro Feliz x3
Jimmy Wynn x1
Geoff Blum x 1
Bill Brown- Announcer x1


Awesome, Darrell! How did your daughter like meeting the players. I did something like that with my daughter once. She thought it was fun, but when I asked her if she would want to do it again, she said, "No Way!" I guess "fun" is all relative.