Card ID Help Needed

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Apr 16, 2006
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Today I acquired 4 binders full of cards from a friend. Got all 4 books for a Quantum E760pt baitcaster, and a 6' 10" H Quantum Energy rod. The books where full of misc stuff, au's, gu, rc's, #'d cards mostly from 2005-2007 but it also had alot of modern era cards of HOF's and other stuff including a 1965 topps Frank Robinson a little rough but a card I probably wouldnt have in my pc had it not been in this trade.

Anyways I also got this Jason Giambi card/item. Was wondering if its a odd ball item or what. Any sort of value related to the card would also be greatly appreciated. Its going on my trading site so if its a anything special and a Giambi collector is interested pm me.

That's what larryvan believes. Since it's a bin store item I wouldn't put a realistic open market sale value of more than half that.

Check his completeds. He sure doesn't sell very many.
Well hopefully I'll find a Giambi fan and be able to flip it for a solid $8-$15 Scott Rolen or Joey Votto. Probably be easy if he was in a New York uni.
That's actually a very cool item that I would love to add to my collection. I'm not a Giambi fan but I've been trying to branch out and add a few more things other than cards. I don't have any Reds stuff but if I ever run across any I'll be sure to let you know and see if you still have the slide.