Cards damaged in trade, what to do?

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Apr 22, 2006
Looking for some guidance. I recently made a small $8 trade and the cards I traded away did not make it in the condition as I sent them to the other trader. It was a PWE transaction with 3 cards in a top loader. I stamped the envelope non machinable but it appears the envelope was jammed up in a sorting machine and the hard case is broken in several places.

Do I have any obligation to replace cards that were damaged in route to the other trader? No mention was made in PMs about not sending in PWE.

What have other traders done in this instance?

PS Please do not answer, "this is why I don't use PWE".
If I was the one who sent the cards, I would offer to send a replacement. If I was the one who received the cards, I probably would just let it go and not say anything. This isn't anyone's fault, but just something that happens on rare occasions.

That said, if I receive cards that are damaged because the other person does a ****** job packaging the cards, I do ask for them to make good. This is more of an eBay problem than a problem here.

When I send cards in PWE:
#1) we both are aware and agree to it
#2) I'm somewhat ready to send a replacement (ie, have dups of the cards or have "usable" replacements -same team, same player)